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Water Resources Management & Rainwater Harvesting

Water Resources Management

Water, the Blue Gold, is a precious and essential resource.Water Resources Management is an innovative act of identifying available water sources, planning optimumconsumption of water, effective distribution and management of water resources. This also involves water reuse and recycle of treated wastewater and harnessing rainwater. At Eco Corporate, our entire gamut of efforts is focused on input cost reduction and maximize water usage without compromising with quality and regulations. We have expertise in management of water resources industries and building construction projects.

Steps involved in Water Resources Management: -

  • Water requirement in a project
  • Legal frameworks
  • Available water resources
  • Quantification and characterization of treated wastewater
  • Planning optimum consumption of water and effective distribution
  • Greenbelt planning to support water management
  • Cost Benefit and Payback
  • Quantity and Quality Monitoring mechanism
  • Water Audit and reporting
  • Staff training and awareness programme

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is one of the best tools for water resources management. It helps in harnessing water in its purest form. RWH involves comparatively less cost with multiple returns. In India, it is legally mandatory to harvest the rooftop rainwater from industrial, institutional and residential buildings. Eco Corporate offers innovative and site specific consultancy services and also execute the projects on turnkey basis. We assist you to meet internal policy requirements, your commitment towards sustainable growth and comply with legal obligations.

Our approach: -

  • Site specific survey in terms of Geo-physical, hydrological and meteorological investigation
  • Legal requirement
  • Structure Designing and approval
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Staff training and awareness programme
  • Ground Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring
  • Compliance Reporting

Legal Advisory on environmental Compliance

Day by day environmental regulations are becoming genuinely more and more stringent. Further, many corporate groups are focusing on environmental issues and corporate social responsibility, with impacts throughout the supply chain. This is driven by global trends such as increased product stewardship and environmental accountability, as well as public concerns around climate change and sustainability. Thus new challenges keep coming on the way of all business sectors with regard to regulatory compliances. Therefore,Clients need to meet a whole gamut of legal compliances on monthly, half yearly and annual basis. This encompasses water cess returns, hazardous waste inventorization and reporting, consent and authorization compliance, six-monthly reporting, and compliance with CREP guidelines, CSR reporting, compliance monitoring and so on. At Eco Corporate, we specialize in assisting clients in the interpretation, application, and adherence to environmental laws and regulations. This reduces Clients' problems and helps them to focus in their core business.

Our approach: -

  • Assistance in identifying applicable regulatory requirements
  • Advisory in Consent Management
  • Assistance in Post Environmental Clearance Compliance
  • Assistance in NGT OrdersCompliance
  • Advisory for Ground Water regulatory requirements
  • Assistance in compliance with regulatory requirement with respect to solid waste, hazardous waste, bio-medical waste, Construction and Demolition Waste Rules

Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit is an exercise of self-assessment to minimize the generation of wastes and pollution potential. A gazette notification on environmental audit has been issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change on March 13, 1992 (amended vide notification GSR 386 (E) dated April 22, 1993). This notification applies to an industry, operation or process requiring consent to operate under Section 25 of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 (6 of 1974) or under section 21 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 (14 of 1981), or both, or authorization under the Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989, issued under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986). The notification requires that an Environmental Statement for the financial year ending the 31st March be submitted to the concerned State Pollution Control Board, on or before the 30th September of the same year.

At Eco Corporate, our team of experts carryout detailed audit of applicable components and prepare environmental statement in prescribed Form V for submission to concerned State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee. Our scientific team has immense experience in environmental auditing of manufacturing industry, hazardous industry, hotel industry, hospital, educational institution and commercial building.

Our approach: -

  • Review of applicable documentssuch as consent, authorization, environmental clearance, previous test reports, hazardous waste manifest, hazardous waste inventory, e-waste manifest, e-waste inventory, CGWA NOC, audited balance sheets and so on
  • Review of compliance records pertaining to consent, authorization, environmental clearance, hazardous waste management, e-waste management, solid waste management, ground water extraction approval etc.
  • Site assessment of effluent treatment plant (ETP), sewage treatment plant (STP), boilers, incinerators, scrubbers, cyclone, multi-cyclone, hazardous waste store, e-waste store, greenbelt, rainwater harvesting structures
  • Sampling and testing of effluent, air emission, ambient air, ground water, surface soil, hazardous waste, waste reused as compost in greenbelt, ambient noise level, indoor air quality, source noise and work zone noise to assess the status of compliance with applicable standards
  • Prepare Environmental Audit Report, Environmental Statement (Form – V)
  • Communicate with Customer
  • Submission to Authorities concerned

Waste Audit

Industries, business, hospitals, institutions and officebuildings generate different types of wastes falling in to different regulations. Appropriate quantification, characterization and minimization mechanism has been a challenge in this field leading to poor compliance with statutory requirements. Eco Corporate undertakes waste audits to assist clients in attaining minimum wastes, appropriate management, disposal and compliance records.

Our approach: -

  • Review of applicable documentssuch as consent, authorization, environmental clearance, previous test reports, hazardous waste manifest, hazardous waste inventory, e-waste manifest, e-waste inventory, so on
  • Field survey and assessment of waste generation sources
  • Characterize and quantify Solid wastes, Hazardous wastes, e-wastes, Plastic wastes, Battery wastes etc. and management practices
  • Ponder upon optionsto reduce quantity of Solid wastes, Hazardous wastes, e-wastes, Plastic wastes, Battery wastes etc. and suggest best possible management practices
  • Prepare Waste Audit Report and Communicate with Customer along with cost benefits

Water Audit

Water Audit is a Systematic approach of Identifying, Measuring, Monitoring and Reducing the Water Consumption by various activities in an industry or process or building”. Although it is not termed so, the annual environmental statement (Form – V) requires such data including volume of freshwater used directly or indirectly to produce the product that is widely called as water footprint of a product. Besides, many companies are adopting water audit and water conservation as part of their work culture at their respective manufacturing units.

It is quite possible that the Government of India introduces water audit and yearly water footprint disclosures in annual reports a mandatory feature for companies. This willmotivate companies registered in India to adopt the best practices on efficient use of water.

Our approach towards Water Audit: -

  • Survey of the facilities
  • Analysis of water consumption through back ground data interpretation
  • Characterization and quantification of treated wastewater for reuse / recycle
  • Determination of water consumption efficiency and efficacy through on-site assessment of water-using hardware, fixtures, equipment, landscaping, and management practices
  • Identification of practical and cost effective tools as well as technologies for sustainable water saving and reducing consumption
  • Staff training and systems awareness programme

Greenbelt Audit

Greenbelt Audit is a "Systematic approach of Identifying, Monitoring and increasing the green coverage with right plant species in terms of water availability and soil quality. This also ensures optimum use of water resources and reduction of noise levels". Although this is not a legal requirement, compliance reports generally seek details of greenbelt in terms of number and type of species, rate of survival and cost involved.

Our approach towards Greenbelt Audit: -

  • Survey of the facilities
  • Analysis of soil and water quality
  • Water availability
  • Assessment of plant species survival rate
  • Staff training and systems awareness programme

Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory Services

The environmental laboratory plays a very important role in assessing the status of environment comprising both abiotic (soil, water and air) and biotic (flora, fauna and human being) components. The laboratory are the essential corner stones of any effective pollution control programme. It provides qualitative as well as quantitative data for appropriate decision making. Our in-house laboratory Ultratec Research &Analytik Labs (ultratéclabs) possesseda range of facilities and capabilities to assist industries, coprorates, institutions and individuals by characterization and quantification of samples. ultratec labs is NABL accredited. The laboratory offers environmental monitoring and analytical services as detailed below:

  • Monitoring and Analysis of Ambient Air Quality
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Work zone Air Quality
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Indoor Air Quality
  • Air Emission Monitoring and Analysis
  • Sampling and Analysis of Drinking Water, Raw Water, Irrigation Water
  • Swimming Pool Water Quality Analysis
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Ambient Noise level monitoring
  • Sound level monitoring
  • Adequacy of Pollution Control Devices (ETP, STP, ESP, Bag filter, Cyclone)
  • Ground Water Quality Monitoring
  • Soil Quality Monitoring and Analysis
  • Testing of solid wastes, ETP sludge, STP Sludge
  • Testing of Activated Carbon (used in ETP/STP)
  • Purity Test of Chemicals

Above services are useful to meet six-monthly and annual regulatory compliance requirements of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Ministry of Water Resources, Central and State Pollution Control Boards and Central Ground Water Board.

Training & Knowledge Centre

Skill development is the essence of contemporary professional world.Training programs at Eco Corporate are customized for skilldevelopment of Industry Professionals as well as fresh pass outs. The environmental training curriculums are customized to help

  • Completing participants’ education by inculcating practical knowledge
  • Increase participants’ efficiency in handling environmental projects and issues
  • Participantsget the knack to professionally deal with Government Authorities, NGOs, Society and other stake holders.

The training faculty is a befitting combination of Practicing Environmental Managers, Acclaimed Consultants from the domain and Technical Experts from Government.

Both online and contact modes of training programs are available. We also organize onsite training programs on request of Industries.

Environmental News, Media & Blogging

Eco Media(www.ecomedia.co.in) has set an objective to help growth of Green Business. Since 2011, its website ecomedia.co.in has been consistently working to recognize your each and every steps taken towards sustainable business.

In the digital age when the environment and clean energy are enormously emphasized amongst every stake holders in the society, starting from the government to the Courts and Tribunals, from NGOs to individuals. At the point when relentless reinvention of fabulous values of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are found to be prevailing to find smaller ecological footprints, growth in organic farming and food, searching roads ahead of the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and efficient and clean energy driving the economy of the youngest nation of the world - we strongly believe that our website would play a pivotal role.

This website will remain dedicated towards promotion of environment friendly industries, green building and sustainability. It would be an interactive platform for sharing the passionate voice of industries, business, institutions, entrepreneurs and government and infusing the overwhelming depth of knowledge - to build a clean, green and prospering India.

Our Structure

  • Environmental News of India: Daily and weekly concise news from around India and the world that keeps you informed about the latest technology and legislation.
  • Green Champions of India: interviews with environmental and energy leaders and professionals working throughout India to understand and share their view points.
  • Green Aspirants of India: to connect young and experienced job aspirants with environmentally cognizant industries, corporate, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses.
  • Green Mind Mine: Organizing environmental programs to explore and promote talents at different verticals of society.